Celebrate Oomomo Grand Opening across Canada

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Oomomo is an authentic Japanese brand coming across Canada— in West Edmonton, Toronto, Greater Vancouver and more.

Oomomo means big peach in Japanese, which is the symbol of good blessing to your life. Oomomo is a Japanese lifestyle brand, with focus in bringing high-quality, trending products in Japan to Canada every month. Our grand openings celebrate Oomomo’s store launch while welcoming Oomomo to the community.


We are proud to introduce Oomomo’s new stores locations across Canada:

  • Dec 8   North York store in Toronto

  • Dec 15 Londonderry store in Edmonton

  • Dec 15 Lougheed mall store in Burnaby

View our West Edmonton Grand Opening Video.


Once you come into the store you will feel as if you were in Japan. Blooming Japanese trees add a unique atmosphere in the front, then you will find Japanese characters, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. You will meet delightful lifestyle essentials that bring blessing and convenience to your daily life. Our affordable essentials are crafted with care, tested and true to Japanese quality.

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We hope our products will lead you to understand the beauty of Japan lifestyles by finding creativity, sparkles and convenience at our store. You will be an adventurer exploring through our authentic Japanese store.

Oomomo offers a different, often better, alternative to your lifestyle needs. We are your partner in life. Whether you are living on your own for the first time or you’re balancing a busy household, we will grow with you throughout different stages of your life.