Hello Alberta! Have you checked out our latest cool products?


Have you checked out our latest items at Oomomo? Here are some highlights of some cool items you can find at Oomomo stores.

1. Touchscreen Gloves

Got touchscreen gloves yet? They are one of the "must have" items in winter! If you haven't owned them yet, this is your chance! Variety of styles and colours available.


2. Stick style portable scissors

Have you encountered any situation that you NEED scissors, but they weren't around? Worry no more! This slim, stick style portable scissors can hop-in anywhere and go round everywhere with you!


3 Cute message mug

You Light Up My Life" ...Thought of anybody? 💡Let them know how much they mean to you with our cute message mug!


Come and check them out today! We are located at:

West Edmonton Mall

Unit 8882 - 170 Street NW

Edmonton, AB, T5T 4M2



Londonderry Mall

Unit 100D - 1 Londonderry Mall NW 

Edmonton, AB, T5C 3C8


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