Cherry Blossom Season 🌸 Arrives Early in Japan this year! 🗻

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Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season is certainly in spring every year,🌱 and it is going to be a little bit earlier than usual in 2019. Many predicted the iconic Cherry Blossom season will occur the end of March this year while the sakura flowers 🌸have bloomed early due to climate changes.

The beauty of Cherry Blossom becomes symbolic in Japan and it attracts large numbers of tourists around the world to Japan!

“Hanami” (refers to flower viewing) is a significant annual tradition in Japan. People living in Japan in all aged enjoy hanami, having picnic under the trees and admiring such miracle atmosphere offered by the nature!

This tradition has also come to Canada. In British Columbia, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival starts from April 4th to April 28th this year. People in Vancouver can join any of the community events in the festival, especially, “The Big Picnic”, 🍱 to experience “Hanami" under Queen Elizabeth Park’s iconic cherry blossom canopy. People living in Vancouver also can check the map to learn about the Cherry Blossom locations in Vancouver and plan their schedule for sakura viewing.


In Ontario, the iconic High Park Cherry Blossom season in Toronto was predicted to be in late April to early May this year, according to the Sakura Watch video from Sakura in High Park’s latest update. The Sakura cherry trees🌸 are mostly located around Hillside Gardens! Every year, HIgh Park attracts a lot of visitors to see and admire the beautiful cherry trees in full bloom!

Similar to Vancouver, people who are Interested in planning ahead on their Hanami journeys, they can check out the list of of Cherry Blossom locations from City of Toronto too!

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