✨ Hot Beauty Items at Oomomo. Get Them for Your Make Up Routine 💄


At Oomomo, you will discover a lot of trendy beauty items from Japan. Let’s check out what are the hot items ✨selling at Oomomo!


Hot items: Makeup Brushes, Organizers & Cosmetic Bags

Daiso Select "Gokuhuwa" (extreme-fluffy) series now available in a Disney theme😍 Comes in pink and light blue. We also carry Makeup Organizers & Cosmetic Bags in different theme and styles. Our Makeup Brush Cleanser can keep your new brushes stay fresh and neat.


Hot item: Foundation Puff

This shape is perfect for applying foundation on the side of the nose and the indentation of the eye and it can do a great job in blending for natural light makeup. 👍

Hot item: Facial Paper Mask

Beauty Tips! If you like light and natural makeup, you should try our hydrating sheet masks before applying your foundation. This can activate your skin.💦 You can use our foundation puff and apply the foundation right away after using a paper mask, then you can blend out your foundation. At Oomomo, we carries a lot of Japanese facial paper masks for different skin types!


Find a Oomomo store near you for these hot items!🔥 They are important for your beauty routines!