🌺 Spring Cleaning Starts with Odor Control! 💨


It comes to Spring again 🌺 and it is time for Spring Cleaning! Pet odor could be one of the challenges for home cleaning. At Oomomo, we have many cleaning products and tools that could help you to get the work done easily including our Fabric Deodorizer from Japan! 💖


Freshen up your room with our fabric deodorant 🍃 Choose your favorite scent from our selections: Fabric Deodorizer (Flowers/PK), Fabric Deodorizer (Musk/PR) and Fabric Deodorizer (Men/Citrus/BL)


Starting from deodorizing your home with odor control! Freshen up your sheets and your bedroom for Spring!. 💨 Come and visit our store today for a fabric deodorizr!

We are now located at:

Lougheed Town Centre

Unit 208 (D11)– 9855 Austin Ave,

Burnaby, BC, V3J 1N4


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