Hey Green Tea Lovers ! 🍡 Take a Sip of Traditional Japan πŸ—»


Hey Green Tea Lovers! πŸ‘‹πŸ» Have you been one of our Oomomo stores and find out what we have? We have a wide range variety of green tea products that enough for you to make a private matcha cafe at home!! 🍡


Besides, our selection of loose tea, tea bags and tea powers πŸƒ , we also have Japanese ceramic tea pots and tea cups available in different colors and styles! Don’t forget about snack section at each Oomomo store. Find out what we have for green tea favored snacks. 🍘These items are all directly imported from Japan to Canada!! You do not have to travel all the way to Japan, you can still enjoy the tea moment at home having the benefit to your body and for a healthy mind. We have everything you need here at Oomomo!


Find a Oomomo store near you and come visit us today! Find out what you need for your private tea party at home! Share your joy and fun with your best friends with a sip of traditional Japan!