🌎 Environmentally Friendly Bento Lunch Boxes 🍱 Available at Oomomo!


Our bento lunch boxes 🍱 come in trendy designs, featuring illustrations and themed icons designed from Japan! πŸ˜„ The best part of our bento lunch boxes is our price! You don’t have to spend much to get a trendy bento lunch box at Oomomo! They are all affordable and environmentally friendly 🌎 The benefit of having a reusable bento lunch box is not only good for our environment, but also a nice way to control and plan ahead of your daily consumption for some healthy food choices 🍏


Our reusable bento lunch box containers are great for well-balanced meal prepping πŸ₯— Stop by Oomomo for all your meal prep container needs. We also have reusable cutlery, cups, water bottles, containers and sandwich bags 🍽 Collect them and have your own environmentally friendly lunchbox sets!

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