ROUND 2 😻 Irresistible Japanese food 🍣 for food lovers


Have you checked out our post about Best irresistible Japanese food 🍣 for food lovees ? Do you have a chance to get them from our Oomomo stores before they sold out? We have new items arrived to Oomomo stores! Let’s find out what these kawaii items are!


Sushi lovers' MUST-HAVE items: Sushi Magnets!🍣Outstanding quality that makes you want to have a bite... but please, DO NOT EAT!😵☠️


Looking for some additions to your stationery collection? Introducing Wagashi (Japanese sweets) erasers😆 Amazing quality... they might make you drool (DO NOT EAT)! This fun & cute eraser series comes in a three-in-one package! Follow us to see more of them, or come and visit the store to see the collections!

Collect them all at Oomomo! These are great gift ideas too! Find a Oomomo store near you and and visit us today!