Here comes our Oomomo Markham! 👀 What's inside?


Sneak peak into our Markham store, our flagship store in Ontario - the biggest Oomomo store in Canada so far! !!

  1. Japanese Skincare, Cosmetics, and Beauty

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Come and visit us today and find out what we have at our new store! From types of eye lashes to beauty tools such as make up brush cleaner, we have everything you need to add onto your beauty routine!

Small tools and bottles that you can carry your favorite perfume, essential oils or skin care products around as needed!

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2. Snack and Beverage

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Same as other Oomomo stores, we offer Japanese snack and beverage at our new store at First Markham Place! If you are green tea lover, come and visit us and you will be surprised the snack varieties that we have in green tea favored!


3. Kitchenware and gadgets

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We want to ensure you enjoy cooking as Japanese people do!! Oomomo carries special Japanese cooking tools and gadgets that help you to be a real chef! Look at our kitchen section, we even have tons of tools for making your desired eggs such as egg timer, egg separator, egg shapers and more!

4. Stationery

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You will never feel bored or tired of studying wtih Oomomo because we will never disappoint you with our stationery sections. At our stores, you can find a wide range of cute, colorful, fun and stylish pens, notebooks, stickers and other school supplies!

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We are located at:

Markham, ON

First Markham Place

3265 Highway 7 East

Markham, ON, L3R 3P9


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