Alberta’s Authentic Japanese Variety Store and the Hidden Gems Within it

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Thousands of Japanese household essentials, gifts and a broad range of quality products for everyday use.

In a bright little corner of West Edmonton Mall, you will find one of the newest stores to open its doors to the public: we call it Oomomo. Oomomo translates to “big peach,” which symbolizes a good blessing in Asian countries. And now, we are bringing this blessing to Edmonton, Alberta in the form of over 8,000 unique Japanese products. 


Here you will be greeted with a big “welcome” in Japanese from our employees as you try and focus your eyes on the vast amount of pretty things surrounding you as you step through the threshold of the store, such as the tranquil cherry blossom tree.


You’ll gaze in wonder and awe as you notice the trinkets and wonders that line the shelves, like small erasers shaped like sushi and colourful lunch boxes adorned with animated characters.


The store is managed by employees like Diana and Tony that go over and beyond to introduce Japanese culture to Edmontonians. Employees put care and effort into the store to ensure each and every customer feels happy as they shop, which is emulated in the store’s slogan “the land of hearts.”


Not only does this new hotspot stand as a one-stop destination for all of your kitchenware and necessity items, it also offers alternative solutions to day-to-day living tasks with products imported exclusively from places like Japan. 


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We aim to introduce our first-time customers to new products that might only be found in Japan, as well as explain much of our packaging to customers which are often times written in Japanese, rather than English, like this one pictured below:


   One of our most popular items, this handy kitchen gadget hailing from Japan will keep your bags sealed, and your food tasting fresh!


One of our most popular items, this handy kitchen gadget hailing from Japan will keep your bags sealed, and your food tasting fresh!


What can people expect to find when they come into Oomomo?

Step into Oomomo and you’ll be able to find all of your household needs and more! This is a place where moms can find all of their kitchenware essentials, students can purchase organizers and stationary products, and those who love Japanese culture can get all of their favourite Japanese finds.


The best part? You can expect to find unique products you have never even thought of before.


With new stock continually coming in every week exclusively from Japan, customers can truly expect to find products here that they can’t find anywhere else in Edmonton.


The trendy items sold in the variety of shops in Japan can now all be found at Oomomo, and many are quick to note that it reminds them of being in Japan in similar shops.


There really is nothing like it in Alberta right now, and we’re going to break down some of our favourite products just for you!



Diana and Tony’s Top Picks



Japanese Chopsticks Kitchenware Oomomo Edmonton Store.jpg


There is no shortage of chopsticks here! Virtually every colour with a variety of different designs, like cute cats and Mount Fuji (yes, please), are available to you at Oomomo.


Chopsticks with carrying kits? We got those. Cooking chopsticks? Plenty to choose from. Training chopsticks for the little ones? Come on over and grab some!  


Japanese Ceramics


Japanese Ceramics Edmonton Oomomo Store.jpg


Could it get any cuter than this? We really don’t think so.


Japanese Earthenware Pot


Earthenware Pot Kitchenware Oomomo Edmonton Japanese Yen Store.jpg


One of Japan’s oldest cooking utensils, the Japanese Earthenware Pot is commonly used to make hot pot dishes and is crafted from special clay. Not only does this traditional pot meet much of your cooking needs, it’s also easy to store and beautiful to look at. 


Stationery Necessities  

Japanese Stationary Edmonton Oomomo Store .jpg


Japanese brand pens, animal-shaped erasers, notebooks and so much more … if you’re dreaming about it, you can bet that you can find it at Oomomo. 


We hope you decide to come and visit! To stay up-to-date on all things Oomomo, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and join our Oomomo club for exclusive product updates and so much more! 


Marina K