BCL Saborino 3-in-1 Alcohol & Oil-Free Sheet Masks For Morning

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Facial sheet masks that act as a facial cleanser, skin care and makeup primer, and deliver results in 60 seconds. This morning mask can be applied before washing your face in the mornings, and comes with botanical essences with a fruity herb fragrance. This all in one morning mask can be used as a cleanser, skincare ingredient and as a moisturizing base before makeup application. The yellow eyebrow sheet contains moisturizing ingredients and uses menthol for a moderate tightening feeling that works to firm the skins appearance. When you peel off the mask and wipe it off quickly, any excess keratin and dirt are entwined together and removed. Hydrates and locks in moisture. Improves the appearance of makeup when applied after the mask is removed. Made in Japan.

  • 3-in-1: Face Wash, Skincare, Moisturizing Base
  • Citrus Leaf Scent
  • 60 Sec
  • 5 Sheets/Feuilles

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