Kao Biore Dries Smooth Refreshing Foot Cream 70g

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With this cream, you will no longer feel stuffy in your shoes. Your feet will be dry and smooth all day long. We came up with an original idea to dry the sweat without completely blocking it using our long-lasting mesh and drying technique. Using dry powder as a base, the evaporation film continuously dries the sweat and keeps the skin smooth. This 70g product is enough for applying to toes and soles and keeps the bad odours away. You can apply it when being bare feet wearing heels and sneakers! It will keep your skin healthy. Reduce the feeling of stuffiness. The cream will stick to your skin and will not easily be washed away by sweat. The cream turns to a smooth texture right after the application! The infused menthol and peppermint oil will keep your feet cool. The eucalyptus and butylene glycol will provide moisture to the skin. Soap scent. Made in Japan.

  • Refreshing Foot Cream
  • Dries Smooth/For Sweaty Feet
  • 70 g
  • Pink
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