Kitchen Knife (Stainless Steel/Kitchen)

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Made in Japan. This knife is made in collaboration with a cookbook author and culinary expert, Satomi Kenmizaki. From the Satomi Kenmizaki series, this is an easy-to-use at home, sharp and low maintenance knife with a hygienic resin handle. It can be sharpened. Blade length: 16.5cm. Product size: 29cm.

  • Kitchen Knife
  • Kitchen
  • 29cm

Care Instruction:  For a sharp cut, steel materials are used and may rust relatively easily. Wash with dish detergent and sponge, wipe and dry before and after use. To avoid rusting, keep away from other iron, aluminum and metal items alike. If rusted, remove rust and clean well with dish detergent. Do not use on hard items, frozen foods and fish bones, or to open cans.

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