How are Oomomo Rewards points calculated? Which purchases are eligible for earning points?  How do I redeem Oomomo Rewards points?  How do I check the balance of my account?

The points you earn with each eligible purchase are calculated by multiplying the amount spent in Canadian dollars (before tax) by 10, and rounded down to the nearest whole point. For example, you will earn 22 points with a purchase of $2.2 before tax.

Points are not earned for the following: purchase of Oomomo gift cards, applicable taxes and fees, the portion of a transaction redeemed using points, post office products/services, Saint James Oomomo Café items, or other products/services specified to be excluded. Points are issued for a purchase made with an Oomomo gift card at the time of transaction.

You can redeem the Oomomo Rewards Points you earn for eligible purchases in-store shopping only. You must redeem in-store, a minimum of 100 Oomomo Rewards points at a time, which are worth $0.1 in rewards. If you want to redeem more than 100 Oomomo Rewards points at one time, you must redeem them in increments of 10 Oomomo Rewards points.

Your balance is printed on your receipt. You may also check on your mobile app account & online account.

A few steps for login:

  1. Enter your registered email.
  2. You will receive a one-time password for your initial log-in.
  3. After log-in you can set up your own password.

You may change directly on your mobile app account & online account.

Your Oomomo Rewards points will expire if there is no activity in your account for more than 12 months. Eligible activity includes earning or redeeming points.

We have a no return or exchange policy. Exceptions only apply to defective products. If a refund or correction is applied to your account, your points balance will be adjusted accordingly, and may result in a negative point balance.