Aratsuchi Clay Earthenware Pot (2800ml)

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Made in Japan. This clay pot features a stylish design that can be used for both Western and Japanese style cuisine. Not only perfect when serving hot-pot dishes, but also well suited to serve Western style soups or stews. The flat bottom design means the pot can also be used for stir frying, in place of a frying pan. The surface has a smooth, matte texture and comes in a gentle white colour. Toaster oven and microwave safe. Can be used on direct flame. Not safe for use with induction heaters. Can be used with radiant heating such as a stovetop. Far-infrared effect. Heat resistant up to 450°C. For 4-5 people
  • Banko Ware
  • 33x14.5cm
  • d.29cm
  • White

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