Kao Biore Hyaluronic Acid Body Bergamot Soap Gel 90ml

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If you were to place this cooling wipe on your skin, it will reduce the temperature by 3 degrees and is able to keep it for one hour. You can wipe away any stickiness, sweat, sebum, which is the cause of odours. These thick wipes soaked with cooling water will take away the heat in the skin and evaporate it. It's large enough to wrap around your neck, and while on your neck, it will continue to let the feeling of hot flashes evaporates. The wipes are made with natural cotton for a soft texture. Infused with hyaluronic acid and menthol for its continuous cooling effect. Great item to keep in your backup or emergency pack. It's conveniently individually packed. Unscented. Made in Japan.

  • Body Gel
  • Dries Smooth/Refresh/Bergamot Soap/Hyaluronic Acid
  • 90 mL
  • Pink

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