Kao Biore Soap Wet Towel Soap Body Wipes Refill 36pcs

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Feeling sweaty and sticky around your thighs, chest or neck. Apply this gel, and that sweaty feeling is gone! We came up with an original idea to dry the sweat without preventing it using our long-lasting mesh and drying technique. Using dry powder as a base, the evaporation film continuously dries the sweat the keep skin smooth. You won't be bothered by the stickiness anymore. The gel will stay on your skin and won't be easily washed away by sweat. It's infused with refreshing scents that will reduce sweat odours. The gel also includes cooling menthol properties, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and butylene glycol. Bergamot soap scent. Made in Japan.

  • Body Wipes Refill
  • Powder Sheet
  • 36pcs
  • Pink

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