Rohto Hadalabo 3D Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Elastin Face Lotion 170 ml

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Employ anti-ageing care and keep moisture in your skin. Infused with skin firming low molecular elastin and moisture barrier creator called 3D hyaluronic acid. We focused on the mechanism that builds the skin's foundation at a cell level. Fill your skin with moisture and turn it into a more bouncy and firm surface from the deeper levels of the skin. Its ingredients include 3D hyaluronic acid, low molecular collagen, and low molecular elastin. This lotion reduces the appearance of small wrinkles caused by dryness. Your skin will absorb this rich lotion easily while it soaks into deeper layers of skin and lead your skin into a bouncy and firm condition. Free of fragrance, colour, mineral oil, alcohol. Made in Japan.

  • Face Lotion
  • Extra Moisturizing/Aging Care:Moisturizing/3D/Hyaluronic Acid/In Bottle
  • 170 mL
  • Red
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