Kao Biore Aqua Floral Foam To Cream Makeup Remover Refill 170ml

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This remover's foam will quickly spread and turn into a thick cream! It will completely absorb and remove the makeup base and foundation that are clogging your pores. Let the foam spread to the entire face and blend in with your fingers in a circular motion. The remover will turn into a cream consistency and absorb and pull out the foundation set in the pores. You will notice the sign of makeup being removed once you feel the skin become smooth when rinsing it off. You can use this remover as a regular face wash as well. Its aqua floral scent makes you want to take a deep breath and breathe in. Wash the remover bottle and the pump with tap water and let them dry before filling with the refill. Turn the pump upside down and push for a few times to empty the bottle. Made in Japan.

  • Makeup Remover Refill
  • Foam To Cream/Oil Free/Aqua Floral
  • 170 mL