Kao Biore Portable Pack Serum Cotton Sheet Eye Makeup Remover Wipes 36pcs

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Take a sheet and simply wipe away your eye makeup! The wipes can even remove waterproof mascara! These thick wipes are soaked with remover liquid that gets in between eyelashes and lines that will remove stubborn mascaras and eyeliners without rubbing. You can fold the sheet and use the corners to reach and clean the corners of your eyes! It comes in a pillow box packaging that's easy to carry around. Infused with a moisturizing skincare serum. Free of colour and alcohol. All wipes are made with 100% natural cotton. Made in Japan.

  • Makeup Remover Wipes
  • For Eye Area/Removes Waterproof Mascara/Colorant & Alcohol Free
  • 81 mL (36 Sheets/Feuilles)
  • Purple
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