Sponges (Melamine Resin/Bird/2.6x4.3x5cm (4pcs))

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Set of 4 cute melamine sponges shaped and printed to look like little birds. Comes in 4 different bird types: sparrow, Yamabuki button parakeet, duck and shoebill. These convenient sponges do not need detergent and easily clean hard water stains and grease stains just by adding water. Use these sponges to clean a myriad of places, such as glass, mirrors, ceramics, pots, stainless steel and sinks among other areas. Not suited to clean wood products, lacquerware or painted items as the surfaces may end up scratched. Can not use the printed surface of sponge to clean with. These sponges are so cute, they will add a touch of fun to your interior design.

  • 4.3x5cm (4pcs)
  • Melamine Resin
Japanese Stationery Pop-up

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