Daisho Vinegar Syrup

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A vinegar syrup made with apple vinegar and apple juice. Put your favourite fruits in this bag, dilute with water and you are ready to enjoy. (Made in Japan)

  • 124 mL
  • 1 pkg. makes 3 cups.
  • Dilute with 300ml of water or sparkling water, 150g of fruits.


Recipe For Vinegar Syrup

Ingredients for 600 ml (2-3 servings):

  • 150g – Fruits (kiwi, pineapples etc.)
  • 1 package – This product
  • 300 ml – Water or sparkling water

Suggested fruits and the amount

  • Kiwi – 1
  • Pineapple – 1/8
  • Orange – 1
  • Strawberry – ½ pack
  • Mandarin Orange – 2


  1. Remove the fruit's skin and seeds and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Open the product by pulling the opener tab carefully towards the indicated direction. *Do not use scissors. Add the fruits in and remove the air and close the zipper tight. Massage the pouch as you lightly crush the fruits inside.
  2. Add the mixture into a cup and add equal parts of water or sparkling water.

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