This April, OOMOMO is on a mission to reunite you with nature.

Remember before COVID-19? Before this year had you feeling like a chicken in a battery farm? Remember when you were free range?

Well, we want to bring nature back to you. Our focus this month is on 自然 (‘shizen’). This is the Japanese word for nature, but ‘shizen’ and nature don’t exactly mean the same thing. “In the west the term “nature” seems to be restricted to raw nature and wilderness. Part of the developing definition of ‘shizen’ has to do with the Japanese ideas of nature also including human beings and how they intertwine with nature”.*

This year has understandably left a lot of us feeling exhausted, demotivated, and disconnected from nature.

Maybe you tried to bring a plant into your home office, and no matter which handy plant app you used, you just couldn’t find the time to give your green friend the attention it needed.

Maybe you’re more “plant drama” than “plant mama”.

Trust us, we can relate.

That’s why we’re hoping to inspire you to create an artificial micro environment in your living space. All the benefits of feeling like you’re surrounded by nature, without any of the responsibility of living plants.

We hope your little green space will inspire new ideas, motivate some creation, and leave you feeling a little freer.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a green thumb, we have all the tools you need to tend to your plant babies.

Many of you have your mini jungles on your balcony, or on your porch, or in your sunroom, and space can get tight. Because space is an issue in Japan, we have a variety of gardening products that are made for smaller environments. You can pick up a pair of mini shears for that plant on your work desk, or a spray bottle you can tuck away on your windowsill.

 Don’t forget to post your mini jungles to social media and tag us!
We’re looking forward to seeing them all ❤