Oomomo is a Japanese lifestyle brand with a Canada-wide presence and a retail network located in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.


Translated in Japanese, Oomomo symbolizes the meaning of blessing. We want to embody this meaning by providing our customers with affordable quality alternatives to their lifestyle.



As a Japanese lifestyle store, Oomomo serves as a one-stop shopping destination for stylish and timeless inspiration with a huge variety of household and lifestyle items imported from Japanese merchandisers. 

It’s really important to us at Oomomo that we stay true to our core vision of Japanese quality. That’s why all of our items have been tested and directly imported from Japan, and they always will be.

Our curated selections are carefully selected for contemporary lifestyle and efficiency.

One of the reasons our products are so varied is because we want to support you, our customers, at all stages of life - from education to business, from single lifestyles to family units, or from urban living to travel & leisure.

We’re proud to carry over 35,000 types of products: Japanese household supplies, kitchenware, beauty products, crafts, stationery, Japanese snacks, traditional Japanese products, and more


Our household supplies support all kinds of lifestyles from urban singles to country-living family units. Products range from organizational storages and containers, desk humidifiers to goal-oriented piggy banks and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

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Japanese culture has many different types, styles and uses of kitchenware. Traditional ceramic ware, sake cups, tofu slicers, rice washing tools, or even egg piercers - we carry versatile kitchenware that optimizes your kitchen and elevates table settings.

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Our Japanese stationery section has something for everyone. Left-handed scissors, calligraphy brushes and ink, bullet journals, origami paper, washi tape, and stickers - we carry whatever you need to start that new crafting hobby or optimize your work desk.

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Japan has long been known for its beauty industry. Our Oomomo Beauty line expanding from make-up to skincare makes sure you can keep up to date with trends across Eastern Asia. Plus, we’ve got a variety of handy self-care items -such as hair care and accessories -that can add a touch of style to your look.

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Food & Drinks

For special days or every day, enjoy unique Japanese snacks with your family. We’ve got flavour-changing chewy candies for the kids, authentic matcha tea for the grandparents, and quick and easy Japanese meal ideas for Mom & Dad.

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Apparel & Accessories

Fashion in Japan is not only aesthetic, but functional. Touchscreen gloves, belly-warmers, and toe-divided socks are just some of the items that have made their way from Japan.

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