Another Great Japanese Staple Is “Donburi”, Which Is Usually A Protein Served Over Rice With Vegetables And A Sauce.

Varieties of donburi

There’s “gyudon”, (shredded beef), “oyakkodon” (shredded chicken and egg), “shirasudon” (baby sardines), “kaisendon” (seafood), “unagidon” (grilled eel) and the list goes on.

For summer, we recommend a refreshing bowl of “Zarusoba”, which is cold noodles with dipping sauce. It pairs perfectly with some fresh, crispy tempura.

You’ll need a wide bowl or plate for the noodles, and a bowl for “tsuketsuyu” (dipping sauce). We know the bowls can all look alike, so don’t hesitate to ask any Oomomo staff member for help with choosing a bowl for dipping sauce. “Tsuketsuyu” is easily made with dashi (fish stock), cooking sake, mirin (rice wine) and soy sauce.

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