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Oomomo’s Sweet Valentine’s Day Guide


We’ve got a wide variety of unique Japanese candies and chocolates to enjoy with your valentines. Do you want to make it even sweeter and extra special?We love the Japanese custom of gifting handmade chocolates and candies to friends and loved ones. Want to show someone how much you love them? Get it done with our heart and flower shaped chocolate molds and confectionary goods so that you can create effortless yet beautiful candies.


Customization always shows the recipient that a little extra thought went into their gift. Devote a little time and effort wrapping your beloved's Valentine's Day gift yourself... so that they can rip it open excitedly in a matter of seconds.


Get into the Valentine's Day mood with sweet decorations and party goods. Whether you're throwing a Valentine's Day party with your friends, or surprising your sweetheart when they come home, be sure to decorate with banners, balloons and confetti to celebrate in style.


It’s the most romantic day of the year! Whether you are planning on a special dinner date out or a cozy Galentine's day party at home, here’s our ideas for styling. Add a touch of pink colour to your lovely looks for a special dinner, and what about preparing refreshing masks for your Galentine's night? These items are also the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea!

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