Spring is here! It’s time to put away winter items and declutter and freshen up your home.


#1. 整理 SERI & 整頓 SEITON

SORT & SET by order or uses

Sort through all items, put away winter clothing, throws, as well as anything unnecessary, and organize by item use.

Here's some neat Oomomo storage tips: Vacuum bags are great for compacting bulky items such as blankets, coats, etc., stackable shelves create more layers & storage space in tall cabinets, and storing items in transparent containers help you to find what you need quickly.

Items You need: Storage & Organization, Home Decor

#2. 清掃 SEISO


Clean smart, not hard. Use any of our handy time-saving cleaning tools to make spring cleaning a breeze. Whether you're cleaning multiple blinds in one wipe, or using a laundry net to keep socks together, or sweeping the floor as you walk around the house in your microfiber slippers, we're here to support your efficiency.

Items You need: Cleaning Supplies & Home Decor

#3. 清潔 Seiketsu & 躾 Shitsuke : Standardize & Sustain

Make sure everyone in the home knows the new system for ease of upkeep. Clearly label items' new homes with washi tape to make sure there are no excuses! You may also wish to start a cleaning diary to keep on top of weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, or you can try popping one of our magnetic whiteboards on your fridge as a daily reminder.


How to cultivate

“Oosouji, Big Cleaning” in your home

In Japan, there is a ritual called Oosouji, which literally means “Big Cleaning”

The Japanese believe that along with sweeping and cleaning spaces, they are cleaning away negative energy from the past and making room for fresh new starts- hearts and minds ready for the rest of the year ahead.

Oosouji is more than just sanitization; it's a spiritual cleansing of the home.

Typically the Japanese involve their whole family and start at the ceilings and work their way downwards. Each room's cleaning should begin at the entrance of the room, and continue clockwise until you return to the entrance.

Unwanted items should be separated into boxes for donation and garbage. Traditionally, garbage boxes are disposed of immediately following each room's cleaning.

It's vital that stains are removed, as old stains are a reminder of negative past experiences.

Incense symbolizes purification in Japan - we recommend trying one of our Hinoki (Japanese cypress) sticks to truly immerse yourself in the Japanese Oosouji experience.