The Story Of Sakura

Spring into Sakura season! When the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flowers are blooming, it symbolizes the start of spring. Sakura season is held highly in Japanese culture not only due to the signal of the arrival of spring, but their deep interpretation of the season from first bloom to the last petal. Stemming from Buddhist ideologies of living in the moment, Sakura season is a metaphor for human life: beautiful and fleeting. Just as you may delight in the brief approximately ten-day window of your suddenly brilliant pink atmosphere, so too should you revel in the gift that is life.

Take a glance at Sakura events in Canada and meet our products inspired by Sakura!

Hanami 花見, ‘Blossom Viewing’

Depending on which area of Japan you live in, Sakura trees may bloom anywhere from mid-March to early May. This is because the southern part of Japan is warmer than the north. Every year, calendars are released with a rough guide of when each area can expect to see cherry blossoms. You may think this is excessive, but knowing this schedule is very important to the Japanese so that they can plan their “Hanami”, or “Blossom Viewing”.

It’s paramount to the Japanese to set aside some time to view the blossoms, even if only briefly, as it reminds them to seize the day and value the preciousness of life. Hanami parties consist of groups of friends, family and loved ones gathering on mats or tables underneath the blossoms - eating, drinking, and generally enjoying themselves. Hanami may also occur at night, known as “Yozakura”. Viewing blossoms at night undoubtedly sounds counterintuitive, but many cities across Japan light up their trees so that the beautiful pinkness of the petals reflect onto the streets below. It’s a brilliant sight to behold.

While you may not be able to travel to Japan to experience Hanami first-hand, there are some locations across Canada which boast multiple cherry trees.

Upcoming ‘Hanami’ (Sakura Festivals) In Canada


Alberta Legislature Grounds

Location: Alberta Legislature Grounds, Edmonton, AB
Date: Through early May

<British Columbia>
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
Location: Various locations
within Vancouver, BC
Date: Through late April


Toronto Sakura Watch

Location: High Park, Toronto, ON
Date: Through early May

Sakura Days Japan Fair

Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC
Date: April 9th to 10th

Prepare For Hanami With OOMOMO

Oomomo tries to keep its stores as authentic as possible. As stores in Japan stock up on delightful cherry-blossom themed products and Sakura-flavoured snacks and drinks, so too do Oomomo stores across Canada. If you’re planning a Hanami party in Canada, be sure to stop by your nearest Oomomo to pick up some Sakura-themed picnic supplies, Japanese snacks & drinks, and stay safe with any of our high SPF Japanese sunscreens.

Products Inspired By Sakura

Our Sakura-themed products are seasonal which means once they’re gone, they’re gone until next year! To avoid disappointment, be sure to stop by sooner rather than later, as our cute cherry-blossom items tend to fly off the shelves. Our favourites include our artificial Sakura branches and cherry-blossom-scented fragrance beads to truly recreate a Japanese spring, though we’re proud to carry a host of other Sakura-themed items such as stickers, post-it notes, ceramic ware, hand towels, bath salts, and so many more.