Preparing everyday meals can sometimes feel like homework and a little overwhelming –from choosing a recipe to organizing ingredients and cooking tools- but it shouldn’t be! Whether you need it for dining at home or outdoor picnics; a simple lunch for yourself or a large family gathering; with the right tools, all steps of cooking will be easier and more fun.

One of our most popular sections is the kitchen section. When it comes to cooking, Japan knows convenience and food presentation better than any other country. Here are inspirational and handy finds that will enhance efficiency while prepping, and elevate your kitchen instantly.

Japanese cooking utensils are high quality, versatile, and stylish. We don’t just carry a wide range of tools in general, but also a wide range of each tool type. Our variety of cooking utensils and tools will make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Lunch Boxes and Cutlery


Lunchboxes at Oomomo come in many shapes, sizes and colours. We have triangle-shaped ones for your “onigiri”, banana-shaped ones to keep your banana safe, and even long narrow ones for your subs!

A lot of our lunch boxes come with adorable matching accessories – for example, travel chopsticks and cases, portable cutlery sets, water bottles, insulated lunch bags, or even Japanese “furoshiki” (this is the traditional cloth that the Japanese use to wrap their lunches in).

One of our favourite features of a Japanese lunchbox is the clear lid. This way you can easily remember whose lunch is who’s by quickly glancing inside at the contents. It also means you can create beautiful edible masterpieces for your loved ones! We also love when the lunchboxes come with handy dividers that help to separate your lunch into different sections such as sweet and savoury.

Explore various types of our lunchboxes and prepare for your next picnic lunch!

Bento Culture in Japan

You may already be familiar with the term ‘Bento’ as it has become a popular option on menus at Japanese restaurants. “Bento” is the Japanese version of a packed lunch, and they date back hundreds of years to when the Japanese used to carry flavoured rice balls with them on their travels. More recently, bento has become a great way to keep consistent on portion sizes and varied nutrition, as they most often contain separate sections for different foods. The Japanese are known to be health-conscious, so it’s important to them that they include a healthy variety of the different food groups and required daily nutrition.

Sandwich Lunch Boxes and Sushi Lunch Boxes

There are many kinds of bento, including “Deco-ben” (decorative, aesthetically-pleasing bentos”), “Kyara-ben” (bentos with a cute character design – most often made for children), and “Eki-ben” which are bentos sold in train stations and filled with local delicacies so that you may sample the
area’s signature foods during your long journey on the bullet train.

With summer already on its way, it’s the best time to spend time close to nature while enjoying a picnic and outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking, road-tripping, or just relaxing at a nearby park, it’s always good to be prepared with sustenance!

Oomomo is proud to carry quality Japanese bento boxes and all the tools you’ll need to create your own “Kyara-ben” or “Deco-ben”. Be sure to tag us in your creations!