To our loyal and valued customers,

Is the more the merrier always true?

Sometimes ONE THING can be better than too many things!

Exclusively at Oomomo, you can finally meet ONE THING, one of the most sensational skincare beauty brands from Korea. As the name suggests, they use ONE key ingredient (EWG Green) to make a 100% natural, plant-based and vegan product that is mild but effective!

ONE THING offers a variety of natural extracts that can be used to tone the skin by using a cotton pad or spraying it directly on your face. You can also be creative by simply adding the extract into other skincare products you are currently using!

Make sure to also check out ONE THING’s modeling pack products, houttuynia cordata tea tree soap, moisturizing cream and lip essence for a refreshing addition to your skincare routine. 

Drop by your local store or check out our website to take a look at these exciting new products - available exclusively at Oomomo.