Kao Biore Extra Moisturizing Face Toner & Moisturizer 180ml

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Wash your face and let this toner-moisturizer take care of the rest of the skincare steps! It works as a lotion, moisturizer, serum and face mask. It will leave you with bouncy skin for a long time. It's moisturizing and made to have face mask benefits. Blend into your skin and wait. When it's completed its work, the texture changes to smooth! It feels thick in consistency but blends in so well and does not leave a sticky residue. This extra hydrating toner-moisturizer will hydrate any dry area on the skin. Infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and amino acid. Free of fragrance and colour. Made in Japan. '

  • Face Toner & Moisturizer
  • Extra Moisturizing/Moisture Jelly/All-In-One/Fragrance & Colorant Free
  • 180 mL
  • Gold
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