The Sheets Of Excitement are here!!

It's a brand new year and that's why Oomomo has a brand new range of gift wrapping paper in store for you! Now your wrapping paper can be as beautiful as your gift if not more!

Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday or a random surprise, we have you covered. A wide range means a plethora of designs and patterns to suit every occasion and to enhance the beauty of the gift being given.

Choose from not just different colors and patterns but also the feel of the wrapping paper. Gift wrapping was never this much fun!

Choose from a wide range of: Gift Bags

Gift Bags


Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Bags

Gift Box


Packing Material

And so much more! If this doesn't make you excited, we don't know what will! Come to the Oomomo E-shop and experience the next level of gift wrapping! Let us know in the comments which item you loved and would want more of!

See you at Oomomo!

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Size 6 Cake Packaging Box (19cm)Size 6 Cake Packaging Box (19cm)
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Amifa Retro American Masking TapeAmifa Retro American Masking Tape
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