The crisp morning air and the state of in between dream and reality call for a cozy breakfast to start a brand new day with aroma and renewed energy. While the senses awake at the warmth of the freshly made coffee and the richness of the buttery croissant, an interesting book, an inspiring podcast, a piece of beautiful music, or a moment of precious silence activates the mind, creating a pause for meditation and imagination. Morning sets the tone for a day. A nice breakfast constructs a bright mood before the hustle and bustle start. Taking the time to enjoy breakfast provides a comforting way to ease into a day of quality and mindfulness, allowing the rest of the day to unfold from gentleness and nourishment.
OOMOMO Good Morning
Oomomo Moment of Light Candle


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Midsummer reflection

In the heart of summer, Japan's landscape transforms into a tapestry of light and wonder with its enchanting lantern festivals.

Curtain Call

Mood of Moments
In the domestic domain, a curtain is a spatial gesture that draws a visual and psychological boundary to create variation in the space.
Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Stationery Fest