Overflowing with flavours, textures, colours, and aromas, kitchen is the most delicious space in a home, where the special magic of nourishment and comfort is conjured. 

Baking with OOMOMO

The act of cooking is not only creative in nature, with each meal reflecting the personal expressions and focus the cook brings to the making, but also therapeutic and pleasing when done with sensitivity and mindfulness. As we cook with seasonal ingredients, the process is a celebration of natural rhythm, and a translation of raw elements into a composition via a united operation between the heart and the mind.

A sense of satisfaction is thus produced through an equilibrium between anticipation, calibration, and improvisation. The preparation of food activates the senses and attunes them to the moment at hand, immersing us in the delectable and gustatory delight, enabling us to savour the sensory pleasures in the frame of presence, and returning our body and mind to a state of appreciation.

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Midsummer reflection

In the heart of summer, Japan's landscape transforms into a tapestry of light and wonder with its enchanting lantern festivals.

Curtain Call

Mood of Moments
In the domestic domain, a curtain is a spatial gesture that draws a visual and psychological boundary to create variation in the space.
Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Stationery Fest