A Japanese Day Trip to Downtown - 楽しもう!

Longing to immerse yourself in the enthralling culture of Japan but don’t want to be confined by all the pesky COVID travel restrictions, or be stuck for over 10 hours above 30,000 feet?
How about a Japanese day trip to downtown?

The best thing about downtown’s thriving Japanese scene is that it is as authentic as it gets, and everything is within walking distance. So you get to experience the true vibe of Japan without worrying how to get around.

Mouthwatering Japanese delicacies. Oishii!

Japanese delicacies are raved worldwide, and in Vancouver Downtown, there are an abundance of authentic sushi and izakaya-style restaurants.

At Tojo’s, you will be able to indulge in an omakase tasting experience with the chef’s daily choice of fresh sashimi and expertly crafted specialties. Fancy some real Japanese street food? Pull up a seat at Gon's Izakaya nearby or pay a visit to Uncle Tetsu’s for a taste of its infamous Japanese cheesecakes and desserts!

A little piece of Japan waiting to be discovered

Who says you need to travel all the way to Japan to experience its captivating culture? Visit the Powell Street Festival Society nearby while you’re there! Aside from the annual festival in July and August with a lineup of events and activities that pay homage to Japanese culture, there are also other year-round programs such as Japanese Canadian Youth Cohort and Paueru Mashup Dance that will surely give you a blast!

Japanese Style Shopping Spree!

How can a perfect Japanese day trip end without a little retail therapy? Whether it is a gift for yourself or for someone special, you will find it at Oomomo Japan Living on Robson Street.

Approaching the quintessential Japanese variety store, traditional Japanese figurines and drapes instantly catch your eye. As you venture inside, you will find all kinds of engrossing products that you will only come across in Japan.

Craving some authentic flavors of Japan to go? How about some Roasted Pistachio in wasabi flavor, or Myojo Megami Rich Curry Instant Udon Noodles to bring home? If you’re looking for gifts this holiday season, the exquisite ceramic sets and adorable plush toys there are the perfect choices.

As winter dwells closer, don’t forget to pick up some BCL or Biore health and beauty products to keep your skin glowing! If you’re looking to turn study or work assignments into a fun experience, the stationery and crafts collection there such as the Baby Star Chicken Ramen Eraser or the Fueki Ranger Kueki Nori Kogyo Memo Pad will do the trick!

It’s the perfect place to splurge without a guilty conscience. Make sure you check it out! またね!

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