Summer is here! ☀️ While you are getting yourself ready for all the outdoor adventures ⛱️, don’t forget about your summer skincare routine!


Let’s talk about cleansing, moisturizing and more moisturizing!


We love the feeling of sweating 💦, but not when the sweat clogs our pores! A good face wash is the first step of having clear skin.


Rosette cleansing paste kaidei smooth (sea mud) is one of our best selling face wash in Oomomo - it absorbs excess oil and dirt , cleansing face without leaving it too dry. 🌊


Your skincare routine is not finished just by washing your face! Once your face is clean, you can start applying toner to balance the pH of your skin and prepare it for absorbing nutrients. Then, apply your favorite moisturizer or lotion to keep your face hydrated. 😋




Putting on face mask is an optional treatment, but you it is both relaxing and rewarding. Pick one of the following Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables face mask and pamper your skin with rich nutrients from fruit extracts. Each of these masks has a different function for your skin.

Purple: Lifting
Orange: Energy
Yellow: Brightening
Red: Intensive
White: Balancing
Pink: Vitality


Find a Oomomo store near you and discover even more skin care products! 😇