As an element reminiscent of life, hope and energy, light brings a sense of warmth to an environment and creates atmosphere for a space – bright light lifts mood and allows for concentration; soft light enriches visual field through its contrast to shadows and the feel of gentleness it evokes. Among a wide range of light, candlelight is unique for its meditative and nostalgic quality. The soothing flame of a candle induces the ambience of a dreamscape, which transports one to a place of romance and poetry or, perhaps, to a time down the memory lane, hence the function of candlelight lies in its mesmerizing presence and pleasure it lends to a rainy afternoon in the company of books, a cosy dinner at home with friends or a mediation session with calming music.
Oomomo Moment of Light Candle
Oomomo Moment of Light Candle


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Midsummer reflection

In the heart of summer, Japan's landscape transforms into a tapestry of light and wonder with its enchanting lantern festivals.

Curtain Call

Mood of Moments
In the domestic domain, a curtain is a spatial gesture that draws a visual and psychological boundary to create variation in the space.
Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Stationery Fest