When we walk around our city, practise the art of noticing, and let our senses be the guide, we feel its energy up close, allowing the place to slowly reveal its beauty and complexity to us. From varying shades of blue of the surrounding mountains and ocean to chirping birds, and event posters on the streets, the microcosm interweaves wide-ranging colours, sounds, and stories into an intricate urban fabric that rewards an attentive stroller. As one wanders the dynamism and depth of the place, pleasant surprises abound. Chance encounters with furry friends and friendly neighbors happen naturally. Flowers in a park bring a smile to our faces. A cozy café stumbled upon during a walk becomes a new favorite reading spot. Suddenly we find ourselves becoming travellers, in our own city, feasting on the game of chance and appreciating all it has to offer.
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Midsummer reflection

In the heart of summer, Japan's landscape transforms into a tapestry of light and wonder with its enchanting lantern festivals.

Curtain Call

Mood of Moments
In the domestic domain, a curtain is a spatial gesture that draws a visual and psychological boundary to create variation in the space.
Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Stationery Fest