Making a flower arrangement is one of the most satisfying ways to weave beauty into everyday life through capturing the vignette of the season and inviting appreciation for the present moment. The presence of a floral arrangement is smelt, seen, and felt as a lingering mood is conjured for the repose of the mind and the tenderness of the heart.

The process starts from noticing–the color, shape, and texture of the flowers in season. The observation evokes feelings and emotions, which are transposed into floral compositions unique to each individual, akin to an extension of the wonderment experienced during an ephemeral event. The aesthetic occurrence creates balmy memories of delight and embodies the ineffable verses of nature, summoning a sense of beauty that calms and enlivens.
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Midsummer reflection

In the heart of summer, Japan's landscape transforms into a tapestry of light and wonder with its enchanting lantern festivals.

Curtain Call

Mood of Moments
In the domestic domain, a curtain is a spatial gesture that draws a visual and psychological boundary to create variation in the space.
Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

Japanese Stationery Fest 2024

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